Life Saving Appliance [LSA]
December 10, 2018
January 3, 2019


Designed for quick  evacuation of all on board. It can provide fast and safe evacuation  of 300 to 600 people from vessel to inflatable liferaft with in 30 minutes. Huayang’s MARINE EVACUATION SYSTEM is fast and easy to launch, simple to operate, quick to evacuate and low to cost, and has beenproven to be one of the best MARINE EVACUATION SYSTEM in the world. HUAYANG owns two models of MARINE EVACUATION SYSTEM  : HYF-MES-VP-300 ( single chute ) and HYF-MES-VP-600 (twin chute ), which are certified by China Classification Society ( CCS ) and European Union ( EU ) Marine Directive.


MSC.47 (66) the international Convention for safety of life at sea, solas 1974,1996 Amendments and MSC.216(82) , MSC.48(66) the international life saving appliance (LSA) code : MSC.218(82),  MSC.293(87) Amendment to the International life saving appliance (LSA)  code MSC.81(70) Amendment to the revised recommendation on testing of  life saving appliance MSC.295(87), MSC.323(89) Amendments to the revised Recommendation on testing Life Saving Appliances, as amanded.


Maximum 25 meters above water level